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Falling at Home Poses a Challenge to Maintaining Independence and Dignity

Maintain your independence, privacy and dignity with IndeeLift.

It is 4:00 pm and dad has fallen in the family room and is unable to get back up on his own. Mom tries to help him back up but he is simply too heavy. Both become frustrated and finally give up. They end up calling 911 for a “lift assist”. The fire department shows up, alerting the

entire neighborhood, and in a few minutes, dad is back up and on his feet. All the while dad was on the floor for a good hour while attempting to get up and then waiting for EMS. He’s tired and embarrassed, and mom’s more than upset. Does this scenario sound familiar in your life?

World Shrinking

Many elderly and disabled individuals live at home with the fear of falling. For if they do fall, a similar scenario as described above will happen. So, what do they do? These individuals will limit their activity and their world rapidly gets smaller. They do not want to leave their chair, couch or even the house because if they do, they may end up on the ground for a prolonged time and be unable to get up on their own. If they have many more falls, they may have to move into an assisted living facility, feeling like they’ve lost their independence and their


Quick recovery for these individuals is imperative. Remaining on the floor for an extended period of time after a fall can have severe health consequences.

Old man on couchSeeking Relief for When a Fall Happens

Integrating a human floor to stand lift device into the home has many advantages for those who are prone to falling and should be seriously considered. Being prepared to respond to the frantic event of a fall can save all parties from worry, stress and injury. Having this life-hanging tool in the ready helps an individual and caregiver regain their confidence and independence.

Why have a human floor to stand lift??

1. Quick and easy access in the event of a fall

2. Can be used independently or with caregiver assist depending on mobility level

3. Able to be safely lifted in a matter of minutes

4. Eliminates calls to 911, or time-consuming calls to family/friends for lift assists

5. Prevents lift related injuries to the caregiver and the fallen


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