Research oocyst of cyclospora by UV fluorescence microscope

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Upgrade by UV fluorescence illumination

Oocyst of Cyclospora is autofluorescence subject, it is little different with DAPI (385nm mostly). CDC scientist takes into their working experience with cyclospora diagnostic, and using experience with laboratory microscopes, they think 365nm is more suitable for it. On the background of CDC's safety laboratory working principle, they need a good quality laboratory microscope in excellent safety.

MSHOT UV LED fluorescence illumination is well fit laboratory biological microscope and better fit to cyclospora quick diagnostic. Now the whole system has been applied to South American diagnostic stations to improve their laboratory working efficiency.

MF-UV-LED fluorescence illumination
MF-UV-LED fluorescence illumination

MF-UV-LED is a fluorescence illumination features with built-in 5W UV LED as light source. Users can easily upgrade a traditonal infinity upright microscope to UV microscope functional. It provides user friendly UV fluorescence microscope upgrade solution for laboratory microscope users. Widely used for staining with DAPI fluorescence observation. UV LED Fluorescence Illumination Features 5W LED light source. Modular design. Small volume and light weight. Slider transfer between fluorescence and brightfield. Special for UV filter sets. Advantages LED light source has longer working life than mercury lamp. No waiting to start and stop the illumination, you can use it at anytime with no waiting. High power 5W LED, it makes sure much brighter fluorescence. Different UV wavelength filters are optional to meet users different needs. Pre-set light path, one stop to install and use, no need to adjust the microscope. Well fit to microscope Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss, Motic, etc. Benefits No waiting and one stop installation to improve working efficiency. Brighter fluorescence under UV excitation. Save budget to buy a new fluorescence microscope. Compatible to most famous brands microscope, easy to achieve. Small and light weight, convenience to move and take.

Autofluorescence of oocyst of Cyclospora

Autofluorescence of an oocyst of Cyclospora under UV microscopy

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