Fluorescence microscope for skin and foot fungus research

Allison Tan
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Mshot Fluorescence Microscope

Fungus and hypha show bright blue fluorescence character under fluorescence microscope excited by 380nm, UV LED fluorescence offers the best excite illumination for fungus research under microscope.

Mshot fluorescence microscope
Mshot fluorescence microscope

Mshot manufactured UV LED fluorescence microscope is high compatible to different brand microscope host contain Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss, and user can choose different Mshot LED fluorescence illumination and filters depends on their application needs and budget. Normally, there are fluorescence excitation groups in blue, green and UV, customize to user special needs is acceptable.

UV excitation light

Direct checking under microscope is a primary diagnosis method of fungal examination, which on purpose to find mycelium and spores. Ordinary Gram staining is not specific, but fungi show character under fluorescence excitation wavelength at 380nm. Fluorescence microscope can improve specificity and bring more precise detection and judgement to doctors, and they can easily get accuracy report result for patient. At the same time, the operation is convenient and easy to learn.

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