Fluorescence microscope

Allison Tan
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for Indirect Immunofluorescence

LED fluorescence microscope is used for indirect immunofluorescence laboratory and diagnostic, observing FITC,GFP,TRITC,PI and DAPI stained slides.

MF31 Fluorescence microscope
MF31 Fluorescence microscope

Through fluorescence microscope, fluorescence dyes makes lab researchers can observe its sample through distribution of labelled targets. As a common laboratory technique, the immunofluorescence separates to direct and indirect two classes depends on using single or two antibodies, the technique is widely applied to various of biological applications including evaluation of cells.

Cells dye by FITC under fluorescence microscope

Immunfluorescence and cell image technique uses antibody labelled fluorescence dyes (also called fluorescein) to target antigen, the common used fluorescein dyes has FITC, GFP, TRITC, PI, DAPI and so on. Based on use of the that chemical method, the antibodies labelled with fluorescein is common used at immunofluorescence laboratory work.

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