Micro-shot Technology Limited
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MS23 is a scientific CMOS camera latest development by MSHOT .

It adopts large area sensor in high quality. Equipment with USB3.0 data port, it offers wide field view, high sensitivity, high dynamic range and high frame rate. Widely used in microscopy applications of dark field, phase contrast, polarizing, DIC and fluorescence. MS23 CMOS camera is ideal for high requirement microscope imaging applications.

MS23 scientific CMOS camera features

1/1.2" high quality sensor in large area

2.3 megapixels,effective 1920H×1200V

USB3.0 data port

Fit to TWAIN,DirectShow

Advantages & Benefits

Large area sensor to provide wider field view ( 2 times to 1/2.5", 1.25 times to 2/3")

User can get higher clarity image

Better depth of field

Get more accuracy image details.

High senstivity2000mV-1/30s Accumulation

Favorable for weak light observation, such as dark field, polarizing, fluorescence, etc.

High dynamic range >73dB

To bring users high contrast image to show sample tiny details both bright and dark parts.

USB3.0 data port to offer 40fps

High frame rate make sure users enjoy smooth and fast live view, save working time and fit to fast moving samples.

With 32MB cache

To provide stable and safety using

Support multiple cameras working on one PC.

Full functional software

Besides basic image functions, it can make dynamic measurement, fluorescence fusion, fuse bright field image with fluorescence image,etc.

Fit to Windows OS 7,8, and 10 (32bit/64bit)


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