Giardia and cryptosporidium seen by Fluorescence Microscope

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Water quality testing

Giardia and cryptosporidium is protogenesis parasite which danger to water quality. They can spread by drinking water and food, since its oocyst and sporocyst surface are covered by thick capsule, they have strongly environment resistance ability, routine disinfecting process can not effectively kill them. Since the year of 1976, epidemic caused by those two parasites were happened intermittently, such as in 1993 America City Milwaukee, about 400 thousand people infected two parasites, 160 people died. While at China, it happened also, to make sure drinking water quality safety, Chinese government build up testing standard of giradia and cryptosporidium must be <1/10L.

Sepcific fluorescence microscope is routine method to distinguish parasites and impurity, the parasites has auto fluorescence when excited under fluorescence illumination, and can stained by fluorescein such as FITC and DAPI, excited by blue and UV wavelength. Combine with software, people can count number of the parasites. That makes testing much easier. MSHOT MF43 research fluorescence microscope is equipment with blue, green and UV fluorescence illumination, it satisfy two parasites diagnostic at the same time. The giardia and crytosporidium shape are clearly to be seen in blue and green fluorescence color.

Use with MSHOT MS23 scientific camera special for fluorescence diagnostic, people can can capture the image. Below are giardia and crytosporidium photos.

Giardia stained by DAPI
Giardia stained by DAPI

The giardia in water can be stained by DAPI , the DAPI is excited by LED UV microscope and show bright color.

Giardia stained by FITC

The giardia stanined by FITC and observed under Blue excitation LED fluorescence microscope.

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