Epi fluorescence microscope for IHC and immunofluorescence

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Biological microscope upgrade to fluorescence microscope

Pathology is used for research disease by doctors, especailly diagnose tumor and cancer. The IHC slide is stained by dye fluid and observed under brgiht field microscope, through different stained color tissue on slide, doctor can tell if the orgnization work well or damaged by harmful cells. Sometimes only through bright field is not enough to well tell the cells suitation, fluorescence featured is required. We call it immunofluorescence. Cells after stained by different color fluorescein and excited by fluorescence microscope, it will show out fluorescence. Different colors well show out cells shape and distribution.

Epi fluorescence microscope is a routine instrument for immunofluorescence experiment. For simple color fluorescence, a LED type fluorescence microscope is high effiency and easy to operate. Micro-shot is expert in the fluorescence imaging solution, their LED fluorescence illumination can fit to routine biological microscope such as Olympus CX41, it is easily to make it fluorescence functional. Combine with MSHOT sCMOS Camera MS23, users can well record the fluorescence image. MSHOT MF-BGUV-LED fluorescence illumination offers blue, green and UV excitation wavelength, which are most general colors to fluorescence.

Epi fluorescence microscope in LED light source
Epi fluorescence microscope in LED light source

The fluorescence microscope in LED light source is high efficiency and ease to use for fluorescence microscope imaging, furthemore, it is friendly to environment and human.


The image is pathlogy specimen excited by blue LED fluorescence illuminator.

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