Unilateral patient-specific temporomandibular joint replacement for treating multicystic giant cell tumor

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Patient showed up with slowly enlarging swelling at the right parotideomasseteric and preauricular regions, mildly pain, and gradually decreasing mouth opening.


Measured mouth opening (MIO): 25 mm. CT showed polycystic formation (44 x 41 x 34 mm) – osteoblastoclastoma, at the right mandible ramus involving condylar head.


After anatomical reconstruction of patient’s skull, virtual pre-surgical planning with MICE (Medical Implants Customization Engine) has started by defining tumor resection lines and specifications for endoprosthesis design. The components of endoprosthesis have been designed to ensure restoration of patient’s jaw biomechanics as well as aesthetic symmetry with regards to healthy left temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Components have been materialized using 3D printing and milling technologies. 3D-printed assembled anatomical models and patient-specific surgical guides for tumor resection, as well as for positioning of endoprosthesis components, assisted surgeons to fulfil pre-surgical plan precisely and shorten procedure time. Tumor was completely removed and patient’s mandible function was restored; measured postsurgical mouth opening (MIO): 50 mm.

Unilateral patient-specific temporomandibular joint replacement
Unilateral patient-specific temporomandibular joint replacement

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